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Global Game Jam 2018

Spend a weekend building interactive playable experiences - both digital and tabletop. You'll get support from mentors and take part in a friendly show & tell.

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Get together and create games in one weekend at Goldsmiths, University of London.

At Global Game Jam we gather game developers, designers, and interactive storytellers to build fun games over the course of the weekend focussed around a secret theme released at the start of the event.

We are here to enable you to build your ideas - whether they're tabletop games, physical computing projects, choose-your-own-adventre text games, or something more complex.

You'll have access to our new Hardware Lab as well as a new 'play' kit which contains lots of tools for prototyping tabletop games (such as cards, counters and meeples).

Whatever your skil level, Global Game Jam at Goldsmiths is accessible to you.

Friday 26 January

15:00 Doors open, play games!

17:00 Theme reveal

18:00 Idea sharing, team building

20:00 Breakout workshop: Storytelling

21:00 Breakout workshop: Unity

22:00 Breakout workshop: WebVR

23:00 Breakout workshop: Twine

Saturday 27 January

All day Building

Sunday 28 January

12:00 Show & Tell

14:00 Event end and social


26-28 Jan 2018
15:00 Friday - 15:00 Sunday


St James Hatcham Building
Goldsmiths, University of London
SE14 6AD



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As a student-run society, we rely on the generosity of organisations to run our events. If you'd like to support this event, please get in touch.


What is a game jam?

Game Jams are invention marathons for developers, designers, interactive storytellers and more. During the event, participants will design a game around the theme and show off their projects in a friendly show & tell at the end.

Who owns the projects?

All projects built at this event belongs completely to the teams. However, to generate the widest benefit from this event, we encourage attendees to provide Open Source licenses for the results of their work.

What should I bring?

All participants will need to bring their laptop, charger(s) and any other devices they wish to work on.

How much does it cost?

We want to make this event accessible for everyone, so there is no charge to enter. To make this possible, we need sponsorship. If you are interested in supporting, please get in touch.

Who is this event for?

Anyone! You do not need to be a student to attend this event. We will work to ensure that there is a diverse range of people, and this includes academic status.

Who is running this event?

This event is run by Hacksmiths - the student-run tech society at Goldsmiths.

Do I need a team?

You don’t need a team to take part; it’s perfectly acceptable to create a solo project. However, during the event itself, there will be opportunities to share ideas and connect with your fellow hackers to form a team. As organisers, we’ll do our best to encourage and facilitate teamwork across the weekend.

Do I have to stay overnight?

No, it is not a requisite to stay over. If you would like to stay though, we'll have a small number of airbeds available. We recommend you bring sleeping bags, pillows, and a change of clothes.

Can I start before?

While you can explore ideas before the event, you shouldn't start your project before the event itself and still enter the challenges. If you want to bring an existing project to the table, we encourage full disclosure and honesty.

What's the deal with food?

We're not providing free meals at this event, but we will have a constant and healthy flow of snacks and refreshements. All dietary requirements will be considered and catered for - please make sure you provide this information upon registering.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, and you must agree to it before attending. You can find it here.

Can I come if I'm under 18?

Yup, you just have to tell us when grabbing a ticket. If you're under 16, you'll need a parent to accompany you. If you're 16 or 17, we'll just need to have a quick chat with your parent/guardian on the phone and a completed permission slip. We'll arrange this over email.

I have another question

Please contact lead organiser Ilya Phillips on [email protected].

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