What we will do:

  • Provide a Hacksmiths team member to support the event in planning and delivery.
  • Pending approval from the Hacksmiths team and the provided Hacksmiths team member, up to £100 of budget to pay for refreshments and other expenses.
  • If appropriate for the format, we’ll provide our new Hardware Lab to attendees at the event.
  • Put the event on our website, which receives over 360,000 visits a month.
  • List the event on our Facebook page and invite our audience.
  • Include the eventin our monthly email, and our Facebook Messenger posts.
  • Post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where appropriate.

What we expect from organisers:

  • Put our Code of Conduct on the event page, and understand that our team will be authority on enforcing this.
  • Ticket your event from the Hacksmiths Eventbrite account - we’ll share details of attendees from your event with you.
  • Give your Hacksmiths team member to have a quick 5-minute intro to Hacksmiths at the start of your event.
  • Allow us to collect feedback using our standard feedback form - we’ll share this work you also.